Planning Rules

Northgate Business Park is zoned Industrial.

The key permitted development controls and performance criteria are:

Building Height i) Height does not exceed 25m and
  ii) Height does not exceed 15m over 90% of the site
Building Setback i) 7.5m from any road boundary
ii) 10.0m from SH1 and the Waikato Expressway
Noise i) Does not exceed 75dBA at any time
ii) Does not exceed 55dBA 7am to 10pm
iii) Does not exceed 45dBA and 70dBA the following day
Building Coverage i) Total building not to exceed 70% of the site area

The planning rules that apply to Northgate Business Park are:

Download the Northgate Rules Waikato District Plan PDF (770kb)

Download Northgate Planning Rules PDF (10.4Mb)


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