The Northgate Environment

Northgate Riparian Planting

Northgate Business Park sets a new benchmark in environmental standards, providing protection for the waterways that presently flow through the planned development area. The existing streams and gullies are a feature of the development and will be vested in the Waikato District Council as stormwater reserves. All stormwater runoff will be directed into a wet pond where it will then be treated for quality before being attenuated out to the existing streams.

Environmental Setting
Streams will have extensive planting along their banks, which has been approved in consultation with both the local iwi and Environment Waikato. The chosen plant species support bird life and provide shelter for the aquatic species that hide under the banks of the streams.

Intermittent pedestrian access to the stormwater ponds enable employees in the Northgate Business Park to enjoy the peaceful setting in a recreational environment that is removed from the office yet easily accessible for a lunchtime walk or a run.

All wastewater at Northgate Business Park is pumped to the upgraded wastewater treatment plant north of Ngaruawahia.


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